8 December 2017

Hello my lovely Friends & Family! 
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Kaitlin + Michael

27 November 2017

I had an absolute blast shooting these two love birds last weekend. They made my heart oh so happy.
If you're wanting in on the fun, I'm now booking for Spring 2018 - sessions starting in May! I would love to work with you to create some beautiful memories! Just shoot me a message and we can get this party started! Anywho, that's all friends. Have a happy Monday :)
- A

(shot on Canon 6D)
 © aislynn palmer photography

Brianna + Adam 2017

15 October 2017

// BRADAM 2017 //

Well that makes wedding 2/2 for the Herms girls 2017 weddings!! My oldest cousin (but basically my sister) eloped with her loverboy in the place she'll always call home. It was such a blessing to be a part of this wedding and witness the embark of an exciting new chapter in both Brianna and Adam's lives! It won't always be easy, but despite knowing that you have both decided to make a commitment to each other; you have made the decision to continually choose to love each other each and every day. I am beyond excited for you both, and can't wait to see all the beautiful moments this life has in store for you both. Stay sweet. Stay wild. Stay you. Love you so so much, and am excited to welcome a new cousin-but-basically-sibling into the family :) Xoxox

- A

(Taken on my Canon 6D*)

*My friend Kassandra actually shot this wedding (I just snuck in a few shots), so you should definitely go check out her website to see more of her amazing work!

Coffee + Good Company

4 October 2017

This is my friend Jer (aka Jeremy). We've been friends for a long time now - nearly 8 years. We met in grade seven in a choir we were both a part of outside of school (yea, we were both choir nerds) Over the years we have been able to experience a lot of cool things together, and I'm super duper stoked for an brand new adventure in the coming year of 2018 (which I will announce later on to keep some suspense) that we will get to experience together as well. Anywhoo! Hope you guys have a stellar day :))
(taken on my Canon 6D)

Hey Brother

3 October 2017

//  H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y !!!  //
For those of you who do not know this is my lil baby brother Noah, and he turns 15 today (hooraayyy!) Now he can be a real brat at times - I'd say like a solid 89.275% of the time - but at his core he really is a true sweetheart. He is such a giving and attentive person, he would do just about anything for those he cares about. I greatly admire the serving heart that he has (but I can't tell him that cause it goes straight to his head). Regardless of the tough guy exterior he tries to put on, he will always be my little baby brother. Any who, I'll spare you all the mush. Happy Birthday bub. Love you lots. Make good life choices this year. 
- A

(taken on my Canon 6D by yours truly)

Cam + Alyssia Wedding Snapshot

12 August 2017


Haha okay, so I know I have said multiple times that I will be posting more. (I know I know I know). And I apologize once again. My intent is pure I assure you, I would absolutely love love LOVE to post more; however, my time is unfortunately limited these days. BUT NONETHELESS, I HAVE POSTED TODAY! So that is something to celebrate about!!

I got to spend the whole day with this lovely couple right here - who, yes, you have seen a few times now - as they celebrated the beginning of a lifelong journey together. Now I know there are only a few photos here - I took like a bajillion so I just chose a few of my personal favourites. Hope that's okay with you all. I hope that you all have a lovely day and enjoy these pictures of some beautiful people!!

- A

(Shot on my Canon 6D)

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