Cam + Alyssia Pt. 2

9 April 2017

//  P A R T    T W O  //

Aren't these two just so adorable? Like pinterest-worthy models right here ow owww!
These are actually technically taken first at a little local coffee shop in Winnipeg call Fools & Horses - it's sooooo good! Definitely one of my top favourites. The open windows and fresh minimalistic vibe just makes you feel like you're one of the most trendy "with-it" people alive - or at least a wannabe. If you have not checked it out yet, it's most definitely 1000% a must!!
Anywho, enough of me rambling on about this cafe - this COUPLE though. They are just too adorable. I am so in love with these pics right here. These two were just so fun to photograph! I can't wait until August :)

(Taken on my Canon 6D)

Cam + Alyssia Pt. 1

2 April 2017

//  P A R T    O N E  // 

Meet Cam + Alyssia!

They will be getting hitched mid-August of this year, and I am so stoked to have the opportunity to shoot their big day!! In the mean time, I had the most wonderful privilege of shooting these two kool kats for their engagement - (eek so exciting)!!! I absoluely love, love, LOOOOVED how these shots turned out - plus I couldn't have asked for two more fun and friendly peeps to take pics of. Definitely stay tuned for some more kewl pictures yet to come!!

(shot on a Canon 6D) 

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